POSTPONED  - Dulra Irish Seaweed Taster Day - Friday 22nd October

POSTPONED - Dulra Irish Seaweed Taster Day - Friday 22nd October

POSTPONED - we will announce a new date soon, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Join us from 11am at the Forest Row shop to discover the benefits of this fantastic Kelp. 


Dúlra seaweed is organically certified. It is grown with zero inputs in pristine Atlantic water. It is simply dried and ground before it’s packaged. As pure as it gets!


Our seaweed flakes are versatile and easy to use, naturally enhancing the flavour of any dish with that distinctive umami taste. Whether it’s using it at the table, as a stock replacer or adding it when baking or making smoothies, you are sure to be impressed.


The forgotten Irish super-food. Our ancestors regularly ate seaweed, instinctively knowing its value to the body. Seaweed is jam packed with many essential minerals and vitamins. Adding it to your daily diet yields amazing health benefits..

The waters off the Mullet Peninsula in North West County Mayo are some of the cleanest in Europe and the closest point in Ireland to the deep Atlantic Ocean, the continental shelf. Our seaweed is line-gown in Blacksod Bay, a special area of conservation, in one of the most remote and unspoilt parts of Ireland.

Cultivated seaweed takes the pressure off wild harvest which can be damaging to delicate habitats if not monitored closely. Seaweed farms also create safe and healthy nursery grounds for young fish and crustaceans, helping alleviate the pressure on other strained habitats. We seed our ropes with locally sourced species to ensure we’re in harmony with the local environment.

Forget carbon-neutral, cultivated seaweed has been shown to potentially have a carbon negative footprint, absorbing 20% more carbon dioxide than it produces. Seaweed has an amazing carbon dioxide uptake and storage capacity; kelp takes in 5 times more carbon than most land-based plants.