Spirit of Hemp Organic Oil 10ml



Pure organic full spectrum raw hemp oil, custom blended with real hemp terpenes.

Cold pressed from soil association certified organic hemp, Spirit of Hemp is a rich and smooth oil containing the full spectrum of compounds of the hemp plant plus the reintroduction of cannabis terpenes after extraction, creating our highly effective terpene rich blend.

What is cold pressed hemp oil?

As the name suggests, cold-Pressed whole hemp oil advocates for the use of the entire hemp plant. 

Using the cold-press method, we ensure that the hundreds of different compounds found in the hemp plant make it into their final product. 

Very far from a "CBD extract", the cold-pressed method involves passing the whole plant through a press at relatively low temperatures. 

The less volatile nature of the process means that more of the hemp’s original chemical make-up, including vitamins, omegas and nutrients are included in the finished product. 

We know that the whole of the plant is good for you, not just the cannabinoids.


Organic raw whole plant cold pressed extracted CBD + CBDA from the flowers of the plant.
Organic hemp terpenes (Steam distilled)
Organic coconut MCT oil (no palm)